To start adding products to your site, go to DropshipMe → the Import Products section.

Here you need to select a category and a subcategory from the dropdown menu. You can look for the necessary products using keywords.

Product details

For each item you will get the following data:

  • Product title

  • The number of orders placed on AliExpress over the last 30 days

  • Shipping options provided for this item by AliExpress supplier

  • Product image gallery

  • Packaging details

  • The number of pieces available (stock)

  • Supplier price (the original price offered by AliExpress supplier)

  • Recommended price (the price with your margin you can offer on your site)

  • Your profit

  • Product rating and reviews

  • Product analysis

You can sort out the search results by relevance, price and order count. Choose the necessary option from the Sort by dropdown menu.

Import settings

Before starting importing products you can apply some import settings and product filters. Click the blue gear button to view the collapsible sidebar.

Create categories from DropshipMe – if you don't select a category from your site and activate this option, the plugin will create and add the same categories presented in the DropshipMe database.

There are three options: Use DropshipMe structure,  Create child categories, and Create parent categories.

When you choose 'Use DropshipMe structure', the product will be imported with the whole category structure from DropshipMe database, i.e. 'Smartphones / Phone Cases & Bags / Phone Case'.
'Create child categories' means importing with the narrowest category only (i.e. 'Phone Cases & Bags / Phone Case').
'Create parent categories' mean importing products with the widest category only (i.e. 'Smartphones / Phone Case').
Here's an example of importing a product with the whole DropshipMe structure.

Remove item specifics use this option if you don't want to import product attributes like brand name, material, style, item type, etc.

Publish products – if this option is enabled, the products you import will be published right away. Otherwise the items will first appear in your import list that you can publish them later.

Import with recommended prices – activate this option if you want the products to appear on your site with recommended selling prices (with your profit margin included).

Product filters

Supplier price – select price range in the currency of your site.

Orders – set the required number of orders for the products.

Shipping from – use this option if you need products stored in warehouses in China, United States or Europe.

Shipping to – select the country of destination from the dropdown menu.

Shipping method – choose the necessary shipping method here.

Free shipping – tick this box to filter out products with free shipping available.

You can also filter the products by the supplier. To find all products from a certain supplier in the database, click its title in the product:

To go back to products from all suppliers, click Clear all filters on the settings panel.

Select a category to import products to. You can import products one by one using the Import button. If you want to import more than one product at once, tick the boxes or select everything and click the Import selected button. 


If you imported some product, but then deleted it, your import balance will not be restored. But you can import this product again using the Re-import button. It will not affect your import balance.

Pay attention that if you delete your WordPress database on your hosting, you will not have the Re-import button – all the products imported before will be shown with the Import option only.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that all products that you imported to your store will be available on AliExpress forever. From time to time some products may disappear from AliExpress as their listing date has expired or the listing policy has been somehow violated by the supplier. If the product disappears from AliExpress, it accordingly disappears from DropshipMe database and hence from your site, such things can happen to dropshipping stores. Anyway, it happens very rarely and cannot do any serious harm to your business. Besides, we provide additional bonus imports to each imports package, so you can add something new instead of the disappeared product.

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