In order to install and start using DropshipMe plugin, you will need:

  • Domain name

  • Hosting

  • WordPress CMS installed on your site

  • WooCommerce plugin installed

  • Google Chrome browser

  • PHP 7.1 or higher (note that DropshipMe was not tested with PHP 8.0 and may be incompatible with it)

Domain name: Please avoid using such free third-level domain names as,,, etc. As a rule, such domains are already used by some other people, so the plugin will work there, but all their subdomains won't activate a free package.

Note that all changes of your URL (switching from HTTP to HTTPS, etc.) should be made before API activation!

Recommended hosting providers: DropshipMe plugin is supported by all popular hosting providers (GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost, etc.) You can also consider AliDropship hosting solution that is perfectly optimised for WP-based dropshipping stores and comes with a free SSL certificate.

Wordpress: DropshipMe is a plugin built for WordPress CMS (Content Management System). It means that in order to setup and use the plugin you need to download WP CMS from It should not be mixed with platform.

Please note, DropshipMe plugin does not support WordPress Multisite Network, does not work on localhosts and can be only activated on the main domain name (e.g. The plugin can't be used on subfolders (e.g.

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