What is DropshipMe?

DropshipMe is a free WordPress plugin created to improve product sourcing in AliExpress drop shipping. Installed on your store it gives you access to the catalog of carefully selected AliExpress products with professionally pre-optimized product info. Any of these products can be added to your store in only one click.

What are my benefits of using DropshipMe plugin?

If you're new to ecommerce, with DropshipMe you're able to jump on selling the winning stuff from the very start of your business. You can figure out your niche faster with powerful filters and easily fill your store with profit-oriented products only from the most reliable suppliers.

Or let's suppose you want to scale your existing store. With DropshipMe you can avoid the extra hassle and expenses of doing tedious product research. You can add best selling products to your inventory in minutes and spend your valuable time on marketing or individual customer support.

You also save countless hours on editing your product pages as all the DropshipMe items go with the professionally pre-edited product details. It means that you get perfectly optimized, clean and attractive product pages in your store right after items’ import.

What are these DropshipMe products?

Only best selling and trending AliExpress products we manually pick on a daily basis with the intelligence you need to drive down expenses and maximize your profit. Our catalog already includes over 50,000 selected products in hundreds of product categories.

Under ‘selected’ we mean that DropshipMe experts have already:

  • made a research on trends and demand;

  • picked products with highest ratings and commercial potential;

  • checked the quality and feedback of products;

  • chosen trusted and reliable suppliers for you.

How DropshipMe works?

Very simple. Since DropshipMe is a WordPress plugin, first, you need to install it on your WordPress based store. The plugin is free and includes 50 product imports which is quite enough for a store dedicated to a well-defined niche.

Then you receive an access to a specific catalog of AliExpress products. Use filters to find the absolutely best products and import them to your store in one click. That's it.

Isn’t it the same that AliDropship plugin does?

No. DropshipMe and AliDropship are both created to handle the manual routines tied with the most important tasks of drop shipping business. But their functionality is different with relation to different tasks.

DropshipMe eliminates a struggle with inventory, it brings winning and promising products to your store, that are the key to success. While AliDropship plugin includes the same product database, but it is a more complex solution that offers a full set of features for everyday running your drop shipping business.  It saves you time automating daily operations.

Can we use DropshipMe with AliDropship plugin?

Yes of course, you can use DropshipMe plugin with AliDropship plugin (Woo or original version). But AliDropship has the same product database, so you'll see a note in your admin area that there is a duplicate function. Anyway, it is not an error. 

Can I transfer my API key to another domain?

Your API key can be activated only once and used only on one domain. Each API key allows you to add 50 products for free on your domain. If you want to flip or re-build your website on another domain, you’ll need to download the plugin once again to get another API key. Anyway, it will cost you nothing as the plugin is free.

Can I activate another API key on the same domain to get more free product imports?

If you activate another API key on the same domain, no more free product imports will be given. So, if you have reached imports limit and need more products, choose and activate a suitable product package.

Please note that if you have used your free imports in DropshipMe, you will not get free imports in AliDropship, and vice versa. A free package of 50 imports can be activated only once on one domain.

What is Package code?

Package code is the key that you get right after purchasing a package. Copy this code, paste it into the Get more products field and click the Activate button. 

Is it possible not to save images on my server?

No, all images are saved on your hosting. There is no technical solution now to obtain only image links.

Why did the imported product disappear from my site?

From time to time some products may disappear from AliExpress as their listing date has expired or the listing policy has been somehow violated by the supplier. If the product disappears from AliExpress, it accordingly disappears from DropshipMe database and hence from your site. It does not happen often, and it should not do any serious harm to your overall business. Anyway, we provide additional bonus product imports to each product package, so you can add something new instead of the disappeared product.

How many MB is an average product?

The average size of the product upload varies from 3MB to 100MB for each 10 items and depends on the number and quality of images.

Does DropshipMe work with Shopify?

There is no DropshipMe version for Shopify, but if you want to use DropshipMe product database, you can install AliDropship for Shopify. It includes DropshipMe integrated database of edited products and provides unlimited imports. Here you can learn more about this plugin and its options.

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