DropshipMe ver. UPDATE

  • Shipping tab was fixed
  • Product Analysis tab was fixed and renamed as Aliexpress tab

DropshipMe ver. UPDATE

  • A bug with reviews import was fixed

DropshipMe ver. UPDATE

  • A possibility to add www. to domain name keeping the same API key was implemented

DropshipMe ver. UPDATE

  • A full list of countries was added to ‘Shipping to’ filter in Import settings
  • Minor improvements

DropshipMe ver.1.0.3 UPDATE

  • A bug with variable products going out of stock on WooCommerce sites was fixed
  • A bug with reviews import was fixed

DropshipMe ver.1.0.1 UPDATE

  • A bug with doubled images in product reviews on sites with AliDropship Woo plugin was fixed

DropshipMe ver.1.0 UPDATE

Main changes:

  • In Import settings now there is an option to import product to parent/child category or to use the whole DropshipMe structure
  • In ‘Report this product’ form a dropdown menu to choose the reason was added
  • A bug with images in imported product reviews was fixed

DropshipMe ver.0.9.9 UPDATE

Main changes:

  • Product filters and import settings were moved to a collapsible sidebar. Import settings can be saved
  • New Imports History section was added
  • Changes in Import Products section:

If you try to import already imported products, you’ll be notified by a pop-up

- The number of products chosen for import is shown in the ‘Import selected’ button

- Product images and titles are highlighted on mouseover

- Click on Product title shows product details

- View Details button was replaced by a hamburger button

- Product images can be swiped right in preview

- Filters: Warehouse was renamed as Shipping from, Shipping – as Shipping method

- Sort by: Relevance was renamed as Newest, Highest price – as Price: High to Low, Lowest price – as Price: Low to High

  • Helplinks ‘How it works’ were replaced by question mark icons
  • Minor optimizations and design improvements

DropshipMe ver.0.9.8 UPDATE

A bug with variations in AliDropship original sites was fixed

DropshipMe ver.0.9.7 UPDATE

Main changes:

  • Mobile interface was improved
  • In ‘Check my import list’ section the option to sort the products by relevance, price and order count was added
  • A bug in pricing was fixed: in WooCommerce-based sites with currency other than US $ single products used to be imported with supplier’s price instead of recommended one. Now the prices are correct when importing in any currency

DropshipMe ver.0.9.6 UPDATE

Main changes:

  • Supplier price, orders amount and shipping details filters were added 
  • In-built currency conversion is available
  • Warehouse location and shipping information for products are available in the Shipping tab
  • Previously imported products can be viewed in the new ‘Check my import list’ section
  • Product analysis information is now available. To view this, you should have AliDropship Chrome extension installed and be logged in your AliExpress account
  • A compatibility bug with second-level domains like com.au, co.uk, etc. was fixed
  • Overall optimization

DropshipMe ver.0.9.2 UPDATE

Main changes:

  • A Woo compatibility bug with product import was fixed
  • Free shipping icon was added
  • Minor changes in Activation section

DropshipMe ver.0.9.1 UPDATE

Main changes:

  • The layout and design of admin interface were improved
  • In Import settings Remove attributes option was renamed as Remove item specifics
  • The option to sort the products by Newest was added
  • Original price was renamed as Supplier price. The column with the amount of your profit was added
  • Show details button was renamed as View details
  • In Product details an option to report about the product was added
  • Description and Review tabs were added to the product details
  • Minor changes have been made in Activation section. The API key field is closed up after activation


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