Once you downloaded, installed and activated DropshipMe plugin using your personal API key, you get a package of 50 product imports for FREE.

You can start importing right away and see how many product imports left you have at the top right corner of your Import Products section. Here you can also find the Get more button to have more product imports.

After you added 50 products to your site and have no more product imports left, you can purchase an import package from DropshipMe.

You can choose among the following packages available:

  • 100 product imports for $29 (one-time payment) + 10 bonus products

  • 500 product imports for $119 (one-time payment) + 200 bonus products

  • 1000 product imports for $199 (one-time payment) + 500 bonus products

Visit the Packages page, choose a suitable package and pay for it. You get your own package code right after purchasing a package. As soon as you enter your package code, product imports will be added to your balance.

Pay attention that each package code is bound with the API key of the site it was activated on. So, you cannot split one products package on several domains. If you need packages for two or more sites, you should activate different package codes for each of them.

Note that if order a custom dropshipping store, you will get it with already imported products.

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