As DropshipMe and AliDropship solve different tasks, they often used to be to installed together to maximize the efficiency and profitability of online dropshipping business.

With AliDropship Plugin anyone can launch a WordPress-based dropshipping store easily and automate many routine processes. It has numerous useful features: auto-updating products in your store (their price, availability, stock and variations), orders redirection, auto-filling and tracking, integrated AliExpress cashback system, etc.

Starting from AliDropship plugin’s versions 1.7.1 for the Original plugin and 1.5.2 for the Woo plugin, DropshipMe edited products database was included into AliDropship plugin.

So, using DropshipMe or AliDropship, you can choose, import and publish all goods in few clicks and start selling them immediately. 

Please pay attention that if you have both plugins activated on the same site, you will see a message: 'Duplicate function has been found: please deactivate and uninstall DropshipMe plugin. You are trying to install AliDropship and DropshipMe plugins together. Note that AliDropship includes DropshipMe database and functions.' It does not mean any conflict, it is just a duplicate function (as AliDropship already includes DropshipMe product database), so if you want to have both plugins, you can just ignore it.

NOTE: there are two versions of AliDropship plugin – Original and Woo. If you have built the store using AliDropship original, imported products and then decided to switch to AliDropship Woo + WooCommerce, all imported products will not be compatible with the new scheme. You’ll have to delete the products and reimport them. 

The same thing happens if you switch from AliDropship Woo to original one. Keep in mind that you’ll have to rebuild your site and reimport the products.

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