Imports History section is made to help you quickly view all your products previously imported from DropshipMe database. Besides, here you can easily find the products which you deleted from your site and import them back with the help of Re-import button. Re-import does not affect your import balance.

This section contains a list of all products imported with the help of DropshipMe plugin to your store. Here you can see how many imports you have already used and how many products are no longer available on AliExpress. 

Choosing such sorting options as Newest, Price: High to Low, Price: Low to High and Order count from the dropdown menu, you can sort imported products by date, price and number of orders on AliExpress.

The products that are on your site now have inactive grey Imported button. The products that were imported and then deleted from your site have green Re-import button.

If you want to re-import the product, you can click the Import settings button to open the sidebar and apply necessary options. If you don’t want to create categories from DropshipMe, select the category you need to import the product to in the Import to field.

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