DropshipMe is a plugin created for WordPress CMS – an open-source content management system. So, to setup and use DropshipMe, you need to build your site with the help of WP CMS. Download it for free from official website WordPress.org and install it on your hosting.

Please note that DropshipMe plugin is available on WordPress.com platform, but uploading plugins is possible on Business plan only. DropshipMe has not been tested on WP.com sites, it was created for WP.org.

Online store owners should consider the following important differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com:

  • WordPress.org is 100% free, WordPress.com is paid

WordPress.org is completely free, there are no hidden fees. Uploading custom plugins on WordPress.com website is only supported with a Business plan which costs $25 a month. Besides, you cannot pay for just one month – you have to pay for the whole year or two, which means spending $300 at once! So, it is impossible to create an ecommerce site on WordPress.com without any payments.

  • You own the content on WordPress.org but not on WordPress.com

WordPress.com owns all content that you post there, which means they can shut it down whenever they want to. On a self-hosted WordPress.org, you own all your content and can do whatever you want. You can even sell it as a website without asking for any permissions.

  • WordPress.org is flexible, WordPress.com is limited

There are lots of both free and paid plugins and themes for WordPress.org, which you can download and install on your site without any limitations. Besides, you can customize your website as much as you want and increase its potential much greater than you could ever do it with WordPress.com.

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