All the products from DropshipMe database are delivered by AliExpress suppliers; delivery time depends on the destination country and the chosen shipping method. AliExpress shipping time mostly takes 15-45 days.

The detailed information about time and cost of shipping for each product can be viewed in the Shipping tab (the Import Products section → View details → Shipping).

Pay attention that the shipping options presented in the Shipping tab are seen only in your admin area. You cannot import and display this information to your site.

Anyway, there is actually no need to show all these options to your customers. Choose for yourself free shipping, AliExpress Standard Shipping and ePacket offered by many AliExpress sellers. All the other methods are too expensive. Selecting free or cheap delivery allows you to offer your customers a free shipping service, and you can include shipping costs in your margin.

Here are some details of shipping settings in different sites.

Shipping in AliDropship plugin

There is a special section in AliDropship plugin where you can enable or disable different shipping options and select countries that you deliver to.

AliDropship plugin has a useful option of a minimum order price required for free shipping. If you enable this option, you can set a minimum order amount that a customer needs to get free shipping. Once this amount is achieved, shipping will be free for all products in the cart.

For more information concerning shipping settings in AliDropship, please study this article.

Shipping in WooCommerce

To set shipping options on a WooCommerce-based site, please consult their documentation by clicking the following link:

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