In Activation section of DropshipMe plugin you can find two fields: API key where you should enter your API key for the plugin activation, and Get more products where you enter your Package code to add more imports on your balance.

These two codes have different functions and should not be mixed.

API key

The plugin provides the access to the product database via API. To activate the plugin, you need your individual API key. It is a combination of 24 letters and numbers, for example, ABCDEFG12345HIJKLMN67890.

To get your API key, visit this page, enter your email and click ‘Get my plugin now’. You’ll get both the zip file with the plugin and your personal API key. Copy it and go to DropshipMe → Activation. Paste your API key into the API key field and click the Activate button. After the activation you immediately get 50 free imports on your balance.

Remember that your API key can be activated only once and only on one domain. If you activate another API key on the same domain, no more free imports will be given. So, if you have reached imports limit and need more products, choose and activate a suitable product package.

Pay attention that DropshipMe and AliDropship have the same products database. So, if you have used your free imports in DropshipMe, you will not get free imports in AliDropship, and vice versa. A free package of 50 imports can be activated only once on one domain.

Please avoid using such free third-level domain names as,,, etc. As a rule, such domains are already used by some other people, so all their subdomains won't activate a free package.

Note that all changes of your URL (switching from HTTP to HTTPS, etc.) should be made before API activation. It is impossible to transfer your API key from one domain name to another. This is why if you want to flip or re-build your website on another domain, you’ll need to download the plugin once again to get another free API key.

Package code

Package code is the key that you get right after purchasing a package. It is a combination of letters and numbers starting from a prefix 'DROPS-', for example, DROPS-ABCD124EFGHIJ.

Once you have purchased the imports package on this page or in Get More Imports section of the plugin, you will receive a notification email with your Package code. To activate it, copy the code and go to DropshipMe → Activation. Paste the package code into the Get more products field and click the Activate button. Your imports balance will immediately increase.

Note that after activation each package code is linked with the API key of the site it was activated on. So, you cannot deactivate the remaining part of the package and transfer it on another domain. Each package should be used on one site only.

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