Before installing and activating DropshipMe plugin, make sure that your site meets the following requirements:

  • No localhost

  • No Multisite

  • No subdomain

  • PHP version is 7.1 or higher

  • WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated

  • WordPress is installed in the website's root directory

Main issues and how to solve them

Outdated PHP version
Contact your hosting provider to upgrade PHP version to 7.1 or higher. (Note that DropshipMe was not tested with PHP 8.0 and may be incompatible with it.)

Site is on subdomain
Use the main domain as Do not use technical domains, domains '.local', etc.

WordPress is installed in subfolder
Install WordPress to the website's root directory.

Multisite is used
Use single WordPress installation.

Any cURL errors (cURL error 7: Failed to connect, cURL error 28: Connection timed out, cURL error 35: gnutls_handshake() failed, etc.)

There may be following reasons for such errors:

Your cURL is outdated
Get in touch with your host’s support team with the request to update their cURL library to the latest version.

No open incoming connection available on your server
Request your host’s support to allow open incoming connection for your website.

Your WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) do not match
Make sure they are the same as your current domain name (WP Dashboard → Settings → General).

If you have checked all points, but have not found the reason why the plugin is not activated, please contact DropshipMe support team via contact form on the site or email: and be ready to provide WordPress admin access to your website. 

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